I want my Little Sister back

by Moushy Weekes
(Ottawa Ontario Canada)

I remember The first day I held you, sitting on a big comfy chair .

with a smile on my face and your little loving glare.

I would feed, burp you, hold you, play with you ect..

I remember showing you off, pushing you down the sidewalk while you sat a in your stroller ,scared out of your mind.

I remember How proud I was when you said your first word, when you took your first step.

You being born was never something I regret.

Times go by and a little sister isn't so little.

We shared a room and still do. We played with Barbie's and made up our own imaginary games.

As an older sister growing up isn't easy. trying to find who I am, while trying to help you find who your are too.

Yes we fight.
yes we argue .
No sometimes I don't understand you.
No sometimes I don't like you.

We built a strong bond that no one can destroy but ourselves

My little sister knows all my secretes.
My little sister tells me hers.
My little sister knows me better then anyone.
but lately I'm not sure if still know her.

My little sister means more to me then anyone.

your not my sibling you not my friend you my sister.

I can turn to you about anything.
I lean on you and I know you wont drop me.

Lately We haven't been sisters, without being on the same page things aren't the same.

Sorry for the pain I have caused.
Sorry for the mistakes I have made.

I am proud of the person you are growing up to be, so don't let jealousy devise.

Today is a new day even though you not little I still want you around getting along can be hard but listening is easy.

Little sister.
little sister.

All I want is to have you back.

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