I Want You and Me to Last!

by Dean

Okay, well I told you I write poetry,
And that I believe things are meant to be,
You have no idea how happy I am
since you have been with me!

Since I left, I'm not gonna lie,
It hurts, I only wish we didn't have to say goodbye,
I think about you every second of the day,
the happiness we bring in more than just one way!
It assures me that in this relationship together
we can make it another day!

Every morning I wake up,
I step outside and gaze,
As I watch the stars come out,
All I can do is think about,
how each and every star,
Reminds me of just how beautiful
you really are!

The thought of you sends shivers up, down,
and all around my spine,
When I'm with you I become speechless,
Like somehow you're my kryptonite, my weakness,
It's way too unbearable,
No words can make it understandable!

Since we have been together,
nothing in my life could be better,
It's not only the biggest of things,
But also the smallest of things,
Like purposely making you smile,
For love that can only last much longer than a while!

Every night before I go to bed,
I think about all the things we have said,
Even the conversations that were deep,
to all the promises to you I intend to keep,
Which can only lead to one conclusion,
Understand this with no confusion,
That I've fallen extremely "hard for you"
more towards "in love with you".

Right before I close my eyes in bed,
I think of how much I'm going to spend,
Taking the time to make you happy,
To making you smile,
To making you laugh,
To proving to you,
I'm in love with you,
I want you and me to last!

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