I Wish I Could...

by Mahek Dhingra
(Gurgaon, Haryana, India)

i wish i could be mean,
i wish i could be harsh,
to face this dumpy world,
i wish i could work hard...

No one cares for me, no one spares for me,
am I so bad, or am I so glad?
To help everyone, achieve their dreams
but in return, I never get pleased.

Sometimes I feel,
do I exist?
Or, just waste it… my time, my life, and my everything.
“Face it” “Face it” says everyone,
“I can’t” “I can’t” says my heart.
Help me god, but he refuses,
who’ll help me, if he defuses?

Get rid of this, and leave it behind,
says one, but I left him from my sigh.
Tell me one who says face it,
can you face it without ‘it’?

it, it, it is you god,
don’t help me and let me drown,
if you can’t help me, tell me
I’m left alone behind?
I wish I could, I wish I could...

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