I Wish

by Stephanie Randall

You're always on my mind
Each and Every day
Even though you are so far away
I wish you was here
I wish you could stay
I wish I could hear your voice just for a day

But you are still so far away
and all I can do is pray
So as I take it day by day
all I can wish for is for you to be home safe someday

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Nov 19, 2013
this is a cool poem
by: britney

This is a poem I sent to this guy we met thou "̮My"̮ ex & I rely ℓσνє∂ "̮My"̮ ex but look we were not met 2 be & I *١٥٧٤* this guy 2 & his amazing I wish I could be with him but we fight to musts & I rely cry more then ever I wish I could have shown him how much I *١٥٧٤* him.

Jul 23, 2012
This sounds familiar.
by: Summer

This pom sounds familiar,
Because I have felt this way before,
Have had to close the door,
Have lost all hope of them ever returning,
Had my heart stop churning,
Yet sat patiently by the door,
Hoping to see them once more.
Thank you for your poem.

Jun 15, 2012
This makes me sad.
by: Krystin

Well this reminds me of someone I knew in school. He was my best friend. Although I loved him so. I just had to let him go. He was in 8th grade I was in the 6th. Yes I know you think you don't know what love is at that age but I did. It was the last day of school, I was going to sing him a song, Count on me-Bruno Mars. I was just about to sing to him when a announcement came on for all 8th graders to report to the gym for their graduation ceremony. Of course I went to. I sat in the bleachers watching his every move. When it was over I ran over to him and hugged him. Then I went back to class and I cried. But then my teacher asked me to go get something out of her car with her so I did. What do you know he was down in the office. I got him to sign my shirt. He had to sign BeBo because his girlfriend is so jealous of me. Because of her, I can't call him I can't even add him on Facebook. Again I hugged him but this time I cried even worse. It hurt. It hurt so bad. It felt like I just got stabbed in the heart several times. Well I did what my teacher asked and then we went back to class. I cried and cried until I couldn't take it anymore. I started throwing things and cussing so I could be sent to the office where he was. I got suspended on the last day of school. He saw me in the nurses and didn't bother to say bye when I left. Of course on that very night I had a dream about him. Anyways that is what it reminded me of. :'(

May 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

This Poem remindes me of my grandfather who lives in another state and i miss him a lot!!!!

Apr 17, 2012
thank you
by: stephanie randall

Thank you for liking my poem, but i cant take all the credit, my friend Amy did help me a little. I'm glad that you liked it. Thinking about posting some more.

Apr 17, 2012
aww what a sweet sad poem
by: McCollonough Ceili

I got the image of a love waiting for the return of their lover from war, or a long business trip. Such a sweet poem with a tinge of sadness. Thank you for posting.

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