I Wonder

by Benluca

Good morning Mam
how are you today
as you prepare to be
sucked back into the Grey
You will join the wake
for your daily bread
where your hopes and dreams
all lie buried and dead
You see how the castellum
in your own hour glass grows
as time squeezes you dry
like the powder on your nose

Then I wonder M'am
Do you still love?

Are the wolves of life held
in the chambers of your heart?
Do you even know
how to tell them apart?
In this quagmire of love
hate and strife
in this crazy malaise
some people call life

Then I wonder Mam
Can you still love?

As the ghosts of the past
pay visits to you
do you wash away
the day with a little blue?
Can you feel yesterday
through the stem of the glass
as the fence of time
hides the greener grass?
As you peer into the past
and all the days gone by
do you think of all the tears
that you forgot to cry?

Then I wonder Mam
Are you still loved?

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