I won't tell you

by I'm fine

I cannot bear to tell you this
Though I still want you to know
I have been longing for your kiss
To save my heart from its sorrow

I want your arms tight around me
To smell your hair's divine fragrance
I want to tell you what I see
Inside your eyes and their radiance

But this forbidden desire
Wounds reopened by your kindness
Has lit in my heart a fire
A fire fueled by recklessness

I am about to lose my mind
I cannot hold on much longer
Behind this door what will I find
No one but you has the answer

I can almost hear clinging sounds
So long have I kept her from here
But her scythe and her deadly hounds
Will come to make me disappear

Do you wish to stab me like her
Or will you just stand there staring
Guilty of my bloody murder
Soon for me you will stop caring

But if you do try to save me
And make all my pain fade away
Promise me you will never flee
I want you until my last day

I need my hands around your waist
I need to see your lovely smile
To kiss your lips and feel their taste
And make sure it is worth your while

I lost myself inside your eyes
Running my fingers in your hair
I cannot stand to see your cries
My arms will show you that I care

I hope you will never read this
But if by any chance you do
You are the only one I’ll miss
I swear I will always love you

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