If I Could

by Lorrie Salvetti
(Sonora Calif.)

Dear Daughter

If could grab hold of a shining star
I would hold it in the palm of my hand
and then bring it to you. Then you would
never be in darkness

If I could I would make sure
the moon was always full
so your path was always clear

If I could capture a rainbow
I would place it in a beautiful
wooden box with carvings of long stem roses
and with the words " Cheyenne's Heart"
representing all the sweet bright colors
of your magnificent soul.

If I could I would allow you to hear
all the beautiful music and read the
perfect poem that would express how
important you are to me, how the moment
you were born I knew for certain
Angels Do Exist.

If I could I would start all over again
just to have the honor and the blessing
of that very first time you moved within me
and all the "first times" that we have known
together throughout the passing years.

If I could I would shelter you from harm
keep the tears from your beautiful blue eyes
and never allow your heart to be broken
I would surround you with all that makes you smile
all that comforts and protects and empowers you

If I could I would grant you all your wishes
make your dreams come true without hardship
or adversity

If I could I would do all this and so much more
but I am merely human
a mother who loves her child
more than life itself
and so I Can only promise you this,
that forever you will have my heart
and my prayers that the Angels will
always keep you company.
That your journey is full of wonder and blessings.
That you always remember
You are my sweetest gift
and nothing I could ever do
would be as special as being a Mother to you.

Mama, May 31, 2013

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