If I die before I wake

by Nancy Castillo
(San Diego, Ca )

If I die before I wake, It's because you take my breath away
No one else makes me feel this way
I think of you every second of every day
Never thought someone this fine could be mine
And I love every second we spend time
You make life worth living
And my time worth giving
Life is hard when you're gone
Every second feels so long
You're a continuous dream
In darkness you're a light beam
I love you more than life itself
More than fame and wealth
You're beautiful beyond compare
I love everything about you down to your hair
I dream of holding you under the moon
And maybe that can happen soon
I wish I could hear you whisper in my ear and hold you close
Because losing you is my greatest fear
And every time you speak
The sound of your voice makes me weak
I wish you were here, so I could just hold you near
No matter the distance our love will always live without

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