If I were a child....

by Shaista Khadim

If I were a child
Wouldn't it be nice?
I would be great in thoughts
Little in size.

If I were a child
You would be my stem
I would hold your fingers
Wrap my little hands around them.

If I were a child
No one would stop me
If I screamed out your name in joy
Or ran to you when in need!

If I were a child
I would act stubborn
No..not because I am
Just to have you give me all you want.

If I were a child
I would cry over the little things
So you could wipe off my tears,give me a teddy
And in your sweet voice, to me, would sing.

If I were a child
I would have hit anyone who hurt you
And not be scared of being hit back
Because I know you wouldn't let that happen!

If I were a child
I would smile and smile and smile
Only to see you smile back
To fill my bubble of joy in life!

If I were a child
I would lean on your shoulder
Without wondering what the world might say
Letting go of the boulder.

If I were a child
I so wish I was
Life would be much better, I would be with you at all times
We could go hunting for stars.

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