by paulaliza De wet
(johannesburg south africa)

Because life was never fully understood,
a lot remains hidden under the hood,
because of selfish behaviour,and taking life for granted,
it's now become more difficult to endure,handle,or confront it,
through selfishness and it's always been about me myself and i,

never taking time to notice the affect it caused,and the suffering it had upon others,
their life became filled with no meaning,lonely,bitter,and worse, unworthy,
now left with only one thought,that keeps crossing their mind constantly,

IF ONLY,one can stop the misery going on in my heart and head,
no more pain,hurt,or that feeling of being unworthy,will ever harm the soul mind or body again,all the suffering,will end,

IF ONLY..I took the time,to understand the way the truth the word of life,I could have made a difference for that one lonely person life.....IF ONLY...

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