by Nkamang Tsotetsi
(Pretora, Gauteng, SA)

If you asked me what I think about life
I will say I think about life as a coward
If you asked me why I think of life as a coward
I will say because life is scared to prepare you for tomorrow

If you asked me what I see in life
I will say I see in life a betrayer
If you asked me why I see life as a betrayer
I will say because I took good decisions in life

If you asked me what life did to my decisions
I will say life stumped and blew my decisions and hope away in the abyss
If you asked me what life did to me
I will say to you it taught me life

If you asked me what I am doing with that lesson
I will tell you I am walking tall, educated and wide-eyed
If you asked me if life is a good teacher
I would say my yes aloud, take life seriously

I lost my parents, I lost myself
I lost trust in my betrayers, who I loved once
I lost my happiness, I lost hope
I came back with the force of a hurricane

I dusted my self-pity far away and rolled my sleeves
I readied myself for all obstacles coming my way
I kneeled and prayed hard
Here I am, strong, positive and awaiting all that comes my way
I am a winner, I fought the adverse, I am here!

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If You Asked Me NEW
by: Anonymous

Reflective work. Well written, love it a lot

If you asked me
by: Anonymous

Thanks my dear for your reflective work. I thank you for reminding me of my dead dreams. And above all thanks for the giant leap you took.

by: Anonymous

I am in love with your words.

Life is really the best teacher.

Thank you Ausi xoxo

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