I'm Afraid

by Sabrina Michelle
(Graceville, Florida)

Are you clueless, or do you
just like acting that way?
I know you don’t miss the obvious,
especially with the things that I say.
You try to act stupid, and act
like you don’t know;
but its hard to believe you,
when I see what you show.
I know you see the glimmer in my eyes
that tells you how I feel…
And you know that I am true…
You know that this is real.
I like you a lot; apparently too
much for my own good.
I guess you don’t like me…
but then again I don’t see why you should.
You always come around, and
I feel like there’s a reason why.
But each time you get a little closer,
I feel you pull further away inside.
I’m at an intersection, and
I don’t know which way to go.
Do I tell you how I feel?
Or am I supposed to just let it flow?
I know that things will work out
if they are really meant to be,
but just the thought of losing you
is the one thing that scares me.

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Apr 05, 2017
I'm Afraid
by: Anonymous

There are so many people out there mascarading as you. I'm never really sure,until I drive past & then I realise it is you. Then I kick myself for not stopping.
I've never felt so low. They've stolen my life story.
Thank you for inspiring me with your beautiful words of love & above all your sensitivity & wisdom. X

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