I'm Alone And Forever Alone

by Sakura

I'm alone in this world
This grey, ugly, scared world
I lay in the darkness, sit in the light
They both crush down on me

At night, tendrils of evil come for me
Then they wrap around me and whisper to me
"Come to me, come away"
And I turn away and try to sleep

At school I'm tied to a chair
It's a burning, holding chair
They push words into my head
And I leave, and as I do, I forget them

When I walk, the thoughts follow
When they reach me, more follow
I run, but they are faster
So I stop

And they rush past me

I'm all alone in this world
This grey, crushing, ugly, scared, scarred, evil world

And if I die before I wake
I pray the thoughts will not take

My soul

And make me relive this nightmare over again

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