I'm Coming

by Sakura

Shelves coated with dust
Table rotting and sofa threadbare

Refrigerator rustily humming like a tired old cat
Floorboards groaning in complaint

Wind rattling the delicate windowpanes
Rain pelting the flimsy roof, seeping in the cracks

The fire I hastily started sputters weakly
I wheeze and rock in my weathered rocking chair

My wizened hands grip the armrests,
cold tea in my trembling grip,
my faithful tomcat at my feet

I remember the old days, when my body was not a prison
I ran gaily as a child, full of laughter and smiles and sun
I partied wildly as a teenager, getting manicures and dangerous boyfriends
I studied diligently as a college student, drinking in knowledge
I found my match late in life, and he left this world too soon,
leaving me here
alone in my empty house

Listening to the thunder roar and the lightning

The fire dies out and I
close my eyes

Is that the angels
I hear?

And calling my name?

My husband.
I can hear you.

I'm coming.

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