I'm Losing Friends

by Abbey (13 years old)
(Worthington, Ohio)

I'm losing friends,
One by one,
I never should have opened up,
I should have learned from last year,
When I was hated,
By almost everyone,
I came to middle school,
And every thing changed,
I had friends,
Or so I thought,
So I opened up,
I told my story,
And now I'm back,
To being hated,
When will my life go right,
When will I get a friend,
Who lasts forever,
Why am I losing friends,
One by one,
What am I doing wrong

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It's Not YOU!
by: Maria Noor

This has been happening to me since I was eight years old and it took me up until my freshman year in high school to realize that it was never ME who was the problem - and this goes the same for you - it's the PEOPLE. You just have to find the RIGHT person/people, who is usually the person/people who goes through the same things as you are. And it's through them that you will get stronger.

I used to hate it when people would offer my pitying advice about stuff like this. They'd always say the same stuff - it gets easier, you'll get through it, it's not the end, and blah, blah, blah. But, now, I'm seventeen years old and in all my years of being in high school, I have realized that it really does get better and that life REALLY IS a great thing. And if you stick it out, you definitely will get to realize it too.

Though sometimes, the sadness might just creep right back in and it'll definitely be crazy hard to actually trust others with your feelings, after having been let down and left alone so many times already, through it all and past it all, you'll see that life really is worth living.

Don't Worry About It
by: Anonymous

Don't stress about this, it happens to almost everybody. Me included. Things will get better with time. You'll see!
Great poem.

Be Brave and Keep Going
by: Anonymous

Don't worry. This is not going to be forever. I was outcasted when I was in middle school as well. They were very difficult times for me. But just know that it doesn't last forever. You haven't yet found people around you who understand you. But you will. Just keep being yourself and keep going. Be confident in yourself.

God bless you.

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