I'm Me

by Layton

I'm me because I dress the way I wanna dress and speak the way I wanna speak

I'm me because I walk with my head held high. Sometimes I believe I can touch the sky.

I'm me because the way I present myself is the way I wanna be represented; something I call Self Expression... my flaws are somewhat skin deep... only can be seen in me and you not being superman my flaws go unseen.

I'm me because my opinion is what matters to me. I strive to get to the top no matter if it breaks me or makes me.

I'm me because what you say I can't do I'll prove you wrong and do the exact opposite...

I'm me because when you say "get like you hahaha nah homie," Ima just be me. With that sed I am me, a boy who lives life not caring if I go unseen because I'm ME.....

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