I'm Not Changing My Ways

by Enix
(Somewhere on Earth)

What’s the deal,
why do people all around me
always gotta cuss.

Plus that’s not me,
it never was.
It'll never be.
It’s always he or see but never we,
I just don’t agree.
Even when I’m alone and free
not with anybody,
you won’t catch me.
You’ll never see.
As you know
I’m going to high school next year,
oh dear.
School, yeah I know it can be pretty cruel.
There’s a whole lot of different groups
that you can get into,
that’s why am considering the following
so I can choose the right one
and I hope you do too.
You don’t want to be a person you’re not,
you don’t have to smoke weed or pot,
if you do your lungs are just gonna rot
Don’t be having sex,
cuz you don’t know what could happen next.
There could be a little object,
and then you’re gonna need some paychecks.
Lastly don’t drink and drive,
because when you’re dizzy and can’t see the road,
who knows if you’ll survive.
Trust me I know that kind of stuff is out there, who am I kidding, doesn’t everyone
but its kinda personal to me,
it happened to my sister.
She got lucky that time;
she got out pretty quick,
thanks to my parents
who gave her a little kick.
If she stayed any longer,
she could have been stuck,
like the crap that you pick from
in between your teeth.
She was beneath, but now she’s above,
she only needed two things,
some love and a little shove.
I will have fun in high school,
just only in the right ways.
I made it through middle school
without them changing how I play.
So why should I let high school
change how I go throughout the day.

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