I'm Scared

by Stefany Llewellyn
(Moorefield, WV)

I'm scared to be loved,
will it happen again?

I'm scared to love you
it might happen again,
when you say "you can love me too",
are you sure it will never end?

I'm scared it will end,
that it will happen again.
When my heart is broken
all the pain is open.

I'm scared of the pain
when it happens again,
it will drive me insane.
The pain is torture, it
feels like poisonous venom
running straight through my veins.

Straight to the heart
it could happen again,
is it possible I could love you,
love you more than a friend?

If you wonder why
I'm always scared,
get heartbroken and
tell me if anyone cared.

After I sit and I think
I realize you care,
you saved me and loved me,
when no one else cared.

I know i can love you
I really hope you love me too,
you say you do,
i hope it's true.

When you tell me you love me
hopefully you do, because I've
grown to love you too.
I wanna love you forever\
that's why I know my love is true.
I just hope and pray
that yours is too.

I'm scared to love you,
I hope it won't happen again!

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