Im sorry baby

(Reno 775)

I’m fukin sorry baby
I Never meant to make u cry
I never meant to hurt u n I never meant to lie
I never meant to leave ur side
n let u sleep alone at nite
Waking up n askin why
I never meant to get caught up in usin drugs n chasing highs
I never meant for u to get fed up n say good bye

Imagine life without me baby
Like we never met
Imagine We were still together
Like you Never left
Imagine all the promises you made to me were kept

gotta say I really miss u gurl
No lie
I think about u day n nite
Won’t forget the nites
Lookin in ur eyes
Won’t forget the nites
With you by my side
Won’t forget the times
You’d fuck with my mind
Stay awake all nite
Call a million times
Thots of suicide
Heavy on my mind

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