I'm sorry for breaking your heart in two.

by Amber M.

Sweetheart,I am so sorry for breaking
your heart in two,
I'm sorry for the hurtful word's
that i said to you.

I wish i could go back and do it over
but we both know it will never be so,
so all i know to do is say i am sorry
for the hurtful things to you i told.

I hope that you will accept my apology
and know that i am sincere,
the last thing i want to do
is make you shed a tear.

You mean the world to me baby
it breaks my heart in two,
to know that i was wrong
and that my actions really hurt you.

sweetheart please forgive me
and know it will never happen again,
i want to be the way we were before
partners, lovers & best friends.

you are my life, my reason for existing
you are my soulmate, my whole world.
i should be given another chance
the reason being, cause i love you girl.

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