I'm The One

by Cha 'La Ree Brown
(Newark,New Jersey)

I'm the one you love to hate,
I'm your coffee in the morning the thought of me change your heart rate

I'm the one who needs to grow up get a life and pray

I'm your topic of discussion at least ten times a day

I'm the one who's crazy and need to lay on a doctors chair

I'm the one who grew up yelling hello is any one there?

I'm the one who's full of hurt from all the pain that I've endured

I'm the one that others think about when they lives need to be reassured

I'm the one who has been been used but given plenty without a motive of trickery

I'm the one you think you're getting over on but will have you in all types of fu*kery

I'm the one who constantly thinking and may appear like I'm in outer space

I'm the one who'll forget you quick cause you can always be replaced

I'm the one who thinks about others before I think of myself

now ima tell you who im not if I don't tell you nothing else

I'm something else

to be continued ...

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