by Yard Arm

Each night I close my eyes.
My minds eye, your reflection is kept
I see your eyes
I see your grin
I see the drain

Taking you in my arms
I feel the tension
I feel the strain
I feel weary

I genteelly disrobe thee
I raise you off your tired legs
My arms cradle your petite frame, caringly
I carry you to a candle lit porcelain pound

I submerse your exhausted body
Warm steamy froth caressing you
The warmth relaxing your muscles
Massaging your stiffen body fibers

Your eyes closing slowly
Your body is limber again
Your smile returns
Your eyes gleam

I envelop your body with a large soft towel
Dry your hair and brush it back
Your knees buckle
I clutch you in my arms

I lay your tranquil body graciously into bed
Your head rests on the pillow
I pull the sheets and blanket over you
Your eyes close leisurely

I gaze upon your beauty next to me
Rest your fatigued body, mind, heart and soul
For tomorrow will be here again
Rest my Love, rest

I kiss your tender lips
I whisper “I love you”
“Sweet dreams darling you earned this”
“Take Care”

I stand at your side for you to rest my Love ….

My hands skim down your sides softly to your feet…….

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