IMAGINE-There's No Place Like Home

by Rick McGrath, Ph.D.

Imagine being all but twelve years old,
Waking up each day hungry and cold,
In a place where large rats live and play.
Imagine smelling the scent of death and decay.

Imagine your belly gurgling with hunger and pain,
For winter nears and so does the unforgiving rain.
In your paper bag closet the same old dirty pants,
As bad news keep coming from uncles and aunts.

Imagine having silly daydreams of going to school
But there’s no money, you raggedy little fool.
So you’re left trudging through life barefoot,
Lifeless, dull, sullen and covered in soot.

Imagine being beaten and battered tonight,
Nothing to call your own, it isn’t your right.
For in America the land of the free and brave,
There is none left who need or should be saved.

They say, “All life matters” if you know the code,
For in America there is nothing you’re owed.
In a land of liberty, justice and equality the call,
Imagine if even you can imagine, this life at all.

By Rick McGrath, Ph.D.

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