Immortal love

by James callahan
(Chillicothe il usa)

As i took that first bite
I knew it wasnt right
But i lie here bleeding
Longing for a feeling
As you placed apon me your look
My soul you read as book
I feel sarrow
For they will never see
We are meant to be
You and me
I fall through the earth
With out fear
For i know your there
Anywhere you are is better
Then this awfull disppear
As the bitter sweet pain grabs hold
Im sold
With my second bite
I feel a catch with in my soul
As i watch my blood pool ao softly around us
The most beautiful shade of crimson
Mirroring the seeds which i dinne
This fruit of love and sin
Holding my death with in its kernels
So sweet the teast
As me cold exhale escapes
Chilling me thourgh to my soul
As i shiver and shake
I embrace my third bite
You lieing before me
Admiring the tears in my eyes
And my sea of crimson shine
From which you dinne
You feel my soul as it deepens
This place is not for us
I see it in your eyes
As it forces you to cry
You cry for me as i die
With my last bite
I faint
Where my crimson sea and you
fade from me
With my final breath its all black
Suddenly im aware. as lights Ficker and shine
The wind i can feel
As it caresses my body
So warm though ive never felt so cold
I feel you there watching my  slumber
As i open my eyes your here
To take me on
On to our forevermore
To Our immortal love

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