Immortal Woman

by Malolan Vasudevan
(Treforest, Mid Glamorgan, UK)

Immortal Woman

Immortal Woman

It's Time for Her to rise up
Up and above pain and sufferings.
Her soul needs some nourishing too.
But which way should she go?
There is no one to tell.
It could be better or Worse
But she will stay Strong.
She now walks life in a different lane
Some say for good and others for bad.
But as long as she knows her way,
She will be the one to decide.

Emotions are mixed
And she lies in between them,
Not knowing which one to choose.
She's been put to test every moment
And she will give her best every time.
She thinks of her past, that she still holds on to.
She breaks down and Cries.
For she fails to know,
That everyday is a new day
And every person is different from one another.
Souls with true passion and Unconditional Love,
Will always hold her when she falls.

She has saved her Grace and Feminism
Through all the hardest times
That has defined her life till now.
But tomorrow is going to be a different day
And She is prepared to face it
As she's done all these years.
Change is constant
Isn't that what time is supposed to do?
She thinks for a moment
For she misses the little girl in her
Reliving all those wonderful memories
That had made her the woman she is, Now.
She knows for sure thou',
That her past will continue to haunt her,
With every passing day.

Its time for Her to forget
The beautiful Innocence of her Childhood
And start loving
The hardest realities of her Beautiful Womanhood.

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