by Trinket_Writer
(WA State)

Marking your existence, is it crucial?
Will anyone know you were here if you don't?

A foot print in the snow,
a lingering scent of beer.

A moment in time when hearts connect, the heat,
the passion, snuggled neck to neck.

The recipe that's tattered, and worn,
fudge you remember from the day you were born.

A look that pierces to the bottom of your heart,
when called to mind still gives you a start.

Traditions passed on which will never end,
the picture you glance at of a very good friend.

The necklace that surrounds your slender throat,
memories of your mother that make you choke.

Card games learned by generations to come,
even though resistance was had by some.

Years of schooling to obtain a Masters,
helped climb the corporate ladder a little bit faster.

Imprints of life, some meaningless, causing a high price,
others you wish you could do over thrice.

Continuance of origination is not in our hands,
we do our best in our own minuscule lifespan.

Make your mark, for your legacy today
could be someone's delight one other day.

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Thank you
by: Trinket

Thank you Eve, I appreciate.

by: Eve

I enjoyed your poem. Very well written and thought provoking. Refreshingly high quality poetry!

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