In A Hurry...Came Sandy (Hurricane Sandy)

by Blake Brooks
(Farmingdale, New Jersey)

Meditate on the sand 
Wave hello to the waves 
For I will not waive this destruction that I have so secretly saved
Reflect on the piers where memories were born
Kiss the freezing rain with dry lips and marvel at the stillness of the trees, 
for this...
is the calm...
before the storm.

"rain rain go away, please come back another day...rain rain go away, please come back another day,"

Was a tune hummed by a gentle breeze...only to be quelled by the callous choirs of the wild winds who sung,

"Rain rain for days that will not go away,
Wash the play grounds of their childhood far far away"

you've heard horror stories regarding my cousin Katrina, and 
Though I'm not from bikini bottom,
My name is Sandy and it's quite the pleasure to meet ya

I am unique, 
And it is naturally in my nature to bring disaster 
Oh don't cry now when before it was all laughter

If lightning and thunder aches with the quakes in the earth who is at fault?
Patch in the dispatcher and state your emergency in this state of emergency, as
Sand and flood waters shall obscure the asphalt...
Atlantic city has become Atlantis city
Asbury has been buried 
Belmar has been marred
Freehold has been held in bondage 
The Dry land Highlands has become the wet land lowlands, and
Low is the land in Long branch that has been branched off and broken by trees

O say can you not see...?

The tides of the sea
that has swept seaside into the sea to become sea sea, but See!!

How can you see?

After I've left you in darkness and cut your power lines.
Left you Grieving while you go get gas for your generators, loathing the long lines 
Cash in your credit cards for this dense sense of security that is just a mirage,
While you cry for my crimes
Weep me an ocean 

For my purpose at this time, is
To destroy a generation.


At what pleasant point...?
will you raise the six flags of bravery?

At what pleasant point...?
will the fists, pumping courage into your coward hearts ever have the strength to shine?

At what pleasant point? 
Will you Shine bright like a diamond tattooed into the sky?

iGo Hard New Jersey,
New Jersey...iGo so hard, so
Best be sure that there is more in store for the Jersey shore,
This chaos is cakewalk 
I have no limits 
did you not bear witness to How easy I erased 10 years in 10 minutes?
A moment of Anger for me...
A lifetime of Anguish for you...

Woes over Woes
Worries over Worries
For you to whom this all belongs.
Work Out the Weight of this World
For did you not say you were Jersey strong?

Go Gather your strength in the corner fields of what has been reaped from the garden state.
In the weeks to come, 
remember the days I came, 
to divide your towns, 
to multiply your sorrows, 
to add travails, and 
to subtract pieces of peace from your peace of mind.
In The aftermath of my destruction
Lament your life then
Contemplate your life now
And give thanks 
On thanksgiving.

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Excellent Piece
by: Anonymous

this is an excellent piece. very well written and is so relatable to New Jersey. Keep up the good work

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