by Shirley Munafo
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

Merciful sakes alive I say
As I let in and out all day
That darling dog of mine
This game she loves to play.

I just go along with her
I caught on really quick
What really makes her happy
Is when I throw a stick.

She fetches that stick immediately
And drops it at my feet
This dog is actually silly
At what she'll do for a treat.

Why in heavens name she loves me
Is more than I can see or know
I'll just accept what is and like it
It is less taxing to just go with the flow.

I play a game kinda similar
With "My Word Wizard" site
It doesn't matter one twit
If it's in the middle of the night.

Just like my doggie, it's there
Ready and willing for my rambling
Doesn't cost nary a penny
Sure as heck beats gambling.

Follow me around when inspired
It will grow on you right quick
Just talk to yourself for simple fun
But PLEASE! don't throw a stick.

Add to this twitter twatter anytime
So I can peek in later on and see
What all you nice silent chatty folks
Have to say back to me.

Shirley Mulryan Munafo

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