In Gear

by John Smallshaw
(London, England)

I want to breach the walls or knock them down
Get out of here
Ride into town
And get wasted.

They say that once you tasted just a bit
The fuse is lit
That being so
Then I'm on fire.
Dire consequences shall arise
But I got moody in my eyes and I'm alight.

Can't fight this feeling,reeling
Off the floor
Out the door
I'm not staying any more
Not slowing down
Going to town
Stop me if you dare.
Stop me,
Do you care?

The candle burns
Both ends are turned against the flame
Nothing would, could stay the same
In this frame of mind
Lined and pinned within the bind of kind of
Self destruct.
Looks like I lucked out or in.

If you've never been how can you say
Right or wrong
My life, my day
My way may not be de rigueur
Is that fair
Does it matter
Will it shatter any dreams
In these unconscious streams of constancy
I wait to see
Who I will be

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