by Nicole G.
(Little Rock,AR)

Its crazy how you can be in love one day,you start telling each other your dreams and making promises..your happy, inseparable,and trust is 100.then you start seeing that love being use to temporary fulfill what was once a foundation,I say that cause everything becoming rocky and cloudy, the "I Love you"what's keeping everything solid,holding on to hope,mind racing cause you living in a jungle and trying to cope,like Tarzan swinging through all obstacle trying not to let go of the rope..I find myself asking is this love cause I can feel your pain but Im not the one in the rain..its crazy how you can be in love one day then a blink of an eye your world get turned up side down,you find yourself crying and asking yourself "why?"..we once was writing our happily ever after story..smdh..its crazy how you can be in love one day..only the strong survive.

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