In Loving Memory

by Holly Hash
(Rome, NY, United States)

The man that gets “Best Dad Award”
Was in a fight, without a sword.
The nurses were helpful and so very kind.
But the thought of Dad never leaves my mind.

Walking the hallway day and night,
He refused to give up the cancer fight.
I can still hear him playing guitar,
Making a show for those near and far.

My dad was filled with compassion and love.
Now he’s sharing it with all those above.
Instead of sitting down, screaming and crying,
I'll do great things. I'll never stop trying.

I’ll do it for him and make him proud.
I’ll inspire others in a very big crowd.
I’ll tell them to never give up on their dreams,
And that life’s not as bad as it seems.

Although good things must come to an end,
Make sure you have that one special friend.
One that will share the smiles and tears,
And will stay with you over the years.

Mine was my Dad, and he always will be.
He’s the one, who will never leave me.
No one can see him, but I know he’s there:
Giving advice or ending despair.

He never liked fights; he’d always stop them.
Said if you have problems, simply drop them.
He said life’s too short, so do something great.
And to stay busy, there’s less time to hate.

He said even if you haven’t talked in a while,
Walk down the hallway sharing a smile.
My dad was easily the best man alive.
See my struggle? Watch me. I'll strive.

He's the reason I always try harder.
Just the thought pushes me farther.
All of my actions, we’ve completed together.
That’s what he meant by “with you forever.”

Tough choice? He’ll be deciding.
This Poem? He's the one writing.
I always think about him, every day.
But see a frown? That stays away.

I’m not sad, 'cause it’s just time apart.
But he’s not gone, he lives in my heart.

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