by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA )

I remember my war not long ago
I was young then and wanted to go
But looking back all the despair
Fear of death filled the night air.

As I listened to the gunfire ring
The cries of soldiers dying
Villages trembled at the sound
The horror of war so profound.

Knowing life had ended for many
Hope was fading if there was any
What was the ultimate purpose?
It wasn’t clear on the surface.

The tremendous loss of life in any war
Leaves it’s mark for those to bare the scar
Minds shattered with no hope of repair
But again it’s war so who is to care?

How do you measure the victory there?
For those who remain, is it really fair?
Life goes on we pretend nothing’s wrong
The hope is we all should get along.

As I had to be there all the while
Hope came from a child’s smile
As to say tomorrow the sun will rise
When it does life will be our prize.

If we can begin a peaceful tomorrow
We can end the suffering and sorrow
In war there are no winners to adore
There are only losers in my war.

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