In Praise Of Mom...

by Tim Wilcox
(Sault Ste Marie, ON Canada)

You gave us home haircuts and made us eat squash,
And suggested we actually use soap when we wash.
You convinced us we'd be better off if we play,
Rather than watching Bugs Bunny all day.
You made us do homework and finish our chores,
And suffered through toy-section trauma in stores.
You met with our teachers, our coaches, our bosses,
And consoled us right after our baseball team losses.
You pointed, you shouted, you praised and cajoled,
And assured us we'd live through that evil head cold.
You comforted us through our bogey-man visions,
Passed no judgment on our tragic fashion decisions.
You watched us fall down, get back up, and move on,
But welcomed us back when we claimed to be gone.
For each storm that we faced you were shelter and calm,
It's hardly enough, but still...

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