In the Black of His Eyes

by Mrs. Orion H.
(Alaska, U.S.A.)

I can see my silhouette just vaguely,
In the darkness of his eyes.
I cried when he said he was leaving... oh, I cried.
And such a beautiful name to go by. Just like his life! A bright constellation in this gray world we're living in. Ooh, ohh, how I love his grin.
Breathtakingly beautiful, it pulls me in! As it blows me away. And I want him to stay...
But now it's too late.

And where is he now? Trapped on some plane, headed far away.
All the while I'm still here in this damned small town! (Get me out now!)
He promised me that I'd be okay.
He held my hand the day he left, and said tomorrow's gonna be a better day... -I just want him to stay...-
And then he said, "we'll get through this all.
1,500 miles cannot separate our love!
And even though it'll be a while baby, I swear it's true... I'll never stop loving you."

Author's Note:
This poem is about the love of my life -Orion, named after the star constellation-. He's mainly Inuit, and comes from Alaska. His eyes are so dark brown that they're often seen as black. He stands at 6"3' while I stand at 5"0'. This is a song about when he told me he'd be moving to another state for about a year -obviously I was heartbroken and sad-, therefore I wrote him a song about how we'd overcome this distance).

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