by Anne P. Murray
(Birmingham, AL)

In the indigo hues of an evening June sunset
I feel the colors softly bathing my skin
I recycle all the memories of you…of me
I am a poet of needs and desires
as I reconstruct my dream world with bowed heart

Where the fields meet the forest green
I contemplate a devotion to my lingering sadness
My words are lonely on this late evening
just before the moon plays her golden melody in the sky
leaving my heart feeling like a passerby on the streets of life
somewhere between the corner of Main Street and tomorrow

I try to understand all my missed connections…
Those fraught with indigo tinted memories of lost loves
Yesterday’s laughter is in another season of my life
all nestled in colored clouds of sorrow…of regrets

The hours grow late on the horizon of my life
They play their heartbreaking rhythmic melody in my soul…
trying to push away the unbearable solitude of my flesh
as I strive to touch the endless futility
of Heaven’s indigo colored clouds
that paint the evening of my days
etching their indigo tinted painting of heartaches...
that forever lingers over my soul...
Haunted by the past... tenderly cradling the present
craving for a peaceful future on the voyage of this life

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