Innocence Lost

by mary c morley

Innocence Lost

On a cold winters day,
In the holiest season,
Pure evil had its' way,
With a twisted reason--
Twenty-six lives, caught off guard,
Innocent, brave, and blessed,
Dealt so deadly a card--
Sweet souls put to the test,
The question WHY-rings like a bell,
As shots echo through the mind,
Carnage of a living hell,
And a cruelty so unkind,
The world forever weeps,
For this sad tragedy,
In our souls we shall keep,
A blessed memory,
Holding hands--sharing tears,
So much closer all shall be,
Sharing love, stopping fears,
A HOPE that sets us free,
Beyond the storm,
Beyond the rain,
The brutal thorns,
Beyond the pain,
A love--that none can steal,
With God's love,
Time will reveal,
A shining VICTORY...

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