by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto CA)

With impatient readiness insanity awaits
Loss of reality my mind no longer relates
The path that I walk seems out of sort
I hesitate to inquire for fear of the report.

Lost to the road of mental regression
I’ve heard that it comes with depression
Awake, awake from this stupor’s grip
From a world with no return this trip.

As I look outside from my shaded window
I can see the images of my life’s shadow
As life becomes more and more strange
I seek for answers for my life’s change.

I was here today but I’ll be gone tomorrow
With wonderment and yet of one with sorrow
I walk through the garden in my mind
All that is there I found to be unkind.

Lost amongst the mental rows
Finding life with all their woes
Glorious is the day to be set free
Perched the mocking bird in my tree.

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