by Sheila Stamper
(Brooklyn Park, MN, USA)

I’m inspired by the words you speak
Amazed at the amount of wisdom you possess
Your determination to stay focused
Regardless of life’s little tests

The touch of your hand
Gently wipes away my tears
The sound of your voice
Calms and removes
My doubts and fears

When the storms come
And waters rise
It is your name that I call
Suddenly, I feel your presence by my side

Inspired by who you are
And all that you do
I can’t imagine what life
Would be like without you

Each day you bless me with life
I gaze upon the beauty of the world
Finally realizing that all I have is yours

You've inspired me
To press in while holding on
To have faith and never give up

You've blessed me beyond measure
Giving me my heart’s desire
For that and so much more
I am truly inspired

©Copyright September 2013 Unpublished work by Sheila Stamper

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