by WordsmithDan
(Bournemouth, UK)

I'm a Japanese, Australian, Peruvian American
English, Scottish, Portuguese, Rio-born Brazilian
My heart is from Nepal, Tibet and India and Pakistan
My skin is black and blue and white and even part red Indian
My blood it flows in Nile and Thames, the Ganges and the Amazon
My bones are dust on desert plains in Africa and Kazakhstan
My muscles throb beneath the Earth in pools of rock and molten land
My hair sprouts forth as leafy palms on beaches of the Caspian
I'm every woman, man and child, animal and holy man
I'm Earth and sea and sky and stars and beaches strewn with soft white sand
The past and future meet in me, my body, mind, my heart and hand
And yet I am a nothing too
A simple-hearted Englishman
A speck of dust upon the eye
I'm just a boy, whose name is Dan.

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by: Bryan Trahan

From elegant grandeur to a speck of enjoyable journey Dan;)

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