by Lauren
(Somerset, England)

Such a disability,
Feeling alone,
I feel like you can see through my soul.

You've never given me a chance,
While everyone else seems to dance,
I fall down,
I'm not happy like a clown.

You only acknowledge my existence when I fail,
Otherwise you all just bail.
I wish I could lift this weight off my shoulders,
But with you and all your soldiers,
It's impossible.

You talk about me like I can't hear,
It's not going to drive me to beer,
I'm not invisible,
You make me want to curl up in a ball.

Everyone needs their space,
But this is too much as I pace.
This is empty space,
Around my ice cold heart.

I'm not invincible,
I'm invisible,
Even to my friends,
but not to my fiends.

My friends can't see what I've become,
They don't know why I'm so glum.
They just think that I'm invisible.

You don't need a cloak to be invisible,
But if you did,
I would be the first to shed.

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double wow
by: lucy

ur talent is like amazin, i just hope u don't act invisible there is always something inside people that is special share it to the world ur talent they would be amazed.

by: Rachel

I never knew you could write poetry lauren keep up the great work.

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