by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

As I lay my head on my bed
I heard a name in my head
I looked and there I saw a girl
One with an apple blossom curl.

As she ran and faded through the air
She left me there only to wonder where
Though I am old with mind wandering
Is this a dream, I am left wondering.

Her lips glimmering and eyes bright
She was most beautiful in my sight
To follow her through the Irish land
I kissed her lips and held her hand.

I gave her gifts from my mind
Secrets of love for her to find
On streets where old ghosts meet
She died knowing love’s deceit.

And now I am left to live the span
Trying as I may, trying as I can
Oh how do I do it and save face
To live without, in slow distaste.

True love can ne'er forget
A far away dream we met
On the rocky Ireland shore
A country rich in folk lore.

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