by Majezty C.

The Darkness that once consumed me has died,
buried beneath my New Found Happiness;
God has shined His Way upon me and now it is His Way
that which I follow.
I have become irrelevant to my own self,
my Poetry of Pain and Sorrow no longer has meaning,
no longer can I relate to my own words.
In front of my Eyes, my Life has become too far advanced for
my Mind to grasp,
the Anger and Misery that I wrote Today will become irrelevant Tomorrow,
forgotten like the worries that weighed heavily upon my shoulders for so long,
until God takes them and make them His.
Am I truly ahead of my Time?
I ask this for when you read my Pain,
I have already moved on,
in other words, my Darkness can no longer consume me
for it is Irrelevant...

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