Is There A Cure?

by Carissa
(Virginia, Illinois, USA)

Tell me, is there a cure?
A cure for a broken heart?
A cure for being insane?
A cure for being me?
But what if I don’t want a cure?
Even then, is there still a cure?
The cure for being broken?
The cure for moving on?
The cure for being fixed?
The cure for suicide?
The cure for dying inside?
The cure for depression?
Do I need a needle to help me?
Do I need a dose of love?
A marker of help?
Blood of poison,
This resin.
Tell me, is there a cure out there?
Is there anybody who can tell me?
How to fix a broken heart?
To move on?
To reverse death?
To be loved?
To be sane?
To be unbroken?
To be happy?
To know what to feel?
Is there anyway to get on?
Anyway that can help the broken?
Oh God, how it hurts!
I need the cure.
I need the needle.
I need the antidote.
I need the love.
I need you.
So tell me,
Is there a cure for all of these things?
Can you be my cure?
Can you pierce me again?
To feel you surge through me.
To feel you inside.
To know how you feel again.
Tell me,
Can you make me better?
Can you put this to the test?
Can you tell me how to make the cure?
Can you show me?
Can you share with me?
Can you love me?
Can you make me well again?
Make this sadness go away?
Make the sun come back through the clouds?
Make me see clear again?
Make me feel loved again?
Make me smile again?
Make me secure in your hold?
Let me taste you?
Love you?
Feel you?
Will you take your key and put it in my heart?
Will you open my lock again?
Can you pierce my heart with your needle?
Make the blood flow freely?
Make my skin warm?
Let my heart glow,
Freely with no hesitation.
Make me lose my breath with out worrying of my reaction.
Make my heart miss a beat.
Your eyes piercing mine.
Break the ice around my heart.
Make me feel safe.
Make me feel secure.
Make me feel like I know you again.
Let me be your solitude,
Your pillow,
Your blanket,
Your comfort.
Let me know how you feel.
Let me see into your eyes.
Let me feel your pain.
Let me feel your sadness.
Let me feel your happiness.
Let me feel your love.
Can we be each others cure?
Can we cure each others heart?
Can we know what love is like again?
Can we pierce each others heart with our own needle?
Tell me, are you my cure?
Am I your cure?
Is there a cure?
Oh God, let their be a cure.
Let the bastard of hate burn.
Let us cure each other.
Feel the blood flow again.
Is there one?
For you?
For me?
For everyone?
For our souls.
Our hearts.
our minds.
Our lives.
There has to be a cure somewhere.
Where is the cure?
Where is it?
Where are you?
I’ll find it in you.
MY cure.

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