It'll be okay...

by Shaista Khadim

Heart bled
Tears shed
Soul dead
In the bed

Cries all night
Fights with life
As morning comes in sight
Gets up with a sigh.

Everything is in back gear
Life stares with the sear
No one to hear
Everyone scared to near.

She wants to let it all go
Wants the river to flow
Her breaths are slow
Does anyone know?

With arrogance they look
She's hanging by the hook
She's done all it took
Empty, lifeless is her book

As the day dawns
She's sick of acting like the pawns
Scared of facing the devil with horns
Tired of facing people's scorns

Every day is a new test
Every breath is a jest
Her emotions and feelings are a useless fest
She simply wants to sit and rest.

Knows there's a long way
Doesn't want to fade away
In the end of this play
She'll survive it without a say.

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