Yesterday a computer was something of note
A Window something you hated to clean
A Ram the father of a goat...
MEG, the name of my girlfriend
A GIG, A job for the nights
and that really mega-bytes!!

Application was for employment
a program, radio or TV show
a cursor profanity, keyboard a piano
Compress you did to the garbage
not something done to a file;
If you Unzipped anything in public,
you'd land in jail for awhile..

LOG ON was adding wood to the fire
HARD-DRIVE, A long trip on the road
A MOUSE-PAD was where a mouse lived
A BACKUP happened to your commode
CUT was done with a pocket knife
PASTE you did with glue
A WEB, a spider's home a VIRUS the flu

Guess I'll stick to my pen and paper
memory that remains in my upper
Understand nobody's been killed in a
Computer crash. or broke their head
But when it happens......
They wish they were dead!!!!

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