It's all so clear (or a Fathers perception of the thoughts of an addicted son)

by Peter Allen Eaglesfield Clarke
(Winchester, Hampshire, UK)

It’s all so clear
(or ‘A father’s perception of the thoughts of an addicted son’)

I can see with clarity, my perspicacity shines
It’s amazing the buzz you get with pharmaceutical lines
Nobody else can understand the visions in my mind
Tell you what it’s worth the risk I might just end up blind

All my friends and family, they tell me I should stop
They’re hypocrites, one and all, I know they like a drop
Alcohol and chemicals, I like tranquilizing bud
I will never stop the drugs, the draw is in my blood

You will never ever know, the craziness in my head
All you ever f--king do is tell me I’ll be dead
Well tell you what, f--k you too, get out of my life
I will succeed despite the odds and without your strife

Medicines or pick me ups, you can buy some highs and lows
Everyone is a prostitute, we are all a bunch of hoes
You sell your soul to Government, to serve the public trust
But what’s it worth? your freedom’s gone and talents turned to dust

I am no longer the little boy who once sat on your knee
So let this adult do what he wants, my loyalty’s to me
You talk about my need to think of those who really care
But you cannot understand because it’s not your soul to bare

I have a talent far beyond the pictures that you see
A maelstrom whirling in my head, the cause ADHD
I take substances to slow it down, to make some sense of stuff
So what if I take Special K, Nephyrone and puff!

You tell me my priority’s wrong; It should be to my employer
Artwork is where my talent lies. Work’s just a time destroyer
I left your home, I’m on my own. I grew up and I left
So if I die who gives a toss? It won’t be me whose left bereft!

So thank you Dad, It’s all your fault. You always put me down.
You never ever give me praise. To you I’m just a clown
Ethereal, elliptical, the universe glows in morning dew
You will see, I will succeed. It will be in spite of You.

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by: McCollonough Ceili

I really can not say much more then Wow! I really liked how you seem to have really gotten inside the head of a boy on drugs. Thank you so much for sharing.

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