It's Almost Christmas!

by Tina
(Hollywood, Fl)

Toasting Uncle Joe!

Toasting Uncle Joe!

It’s almost Christmas, it’s almost here, the stockings are up, our hearts filled with cheer.
We started our shopping way back in November, we’re lucky at our age, we even remembered.
We make all the plans, and write out our list. Worrying all through the month, that somebody is missed.
We listen as songs play over, and over, We watch as poor Grandpa is acting like Gomer.
We scrimp and we save, as we find the best deals, we get the best recipes, to make the best meal.
We tidy the house, we sweep up the dust, we do what we need to, we do what we must.
It’s a Wonderful Life is on our TV, the turkey's in the oven, presents under the tree.
We manage to find our old ugly sweater, Uncle Joe brings some eggnog, even though he knows better.
Kids watch out their windows hoping Santa will appear, that jolly old man, and his eight jolly reindeers.
We talk about Christmas’s way in the past, we laugh, sing some carols, hoping the moment will last.
When suddenly the phone rings, It’s horribly clear, Uncle Joe left the house to pick up some beer.
Come pick me up, he says in a clatter, What’s wrong Uncle Joe? What in the world is the matter?
He hums and he ho’s, then says without fail.
I’ve had to much eggnog, you need to bring bail.

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