It’s My Time

by Ian Yahnke
(Clermont, Florida)

Laying in my bed
Just lost in my head

Staring at these walls
And wishing I was dead

I feel so stressed
And I feel so depressed

I wish I could remember
When I last got some rest

I don't know how I got this way
I hate this fucking life today

Every time I see your name
I wish you would've fucking stayed

I disappoint the ones who care
Think about them, and gasp for air

I don't deserve all of this love
There are no angels up above

Only demons, who live inside
I wish I would have fucking died

These thoughts I hide
They kill my pride

There's no one left
Who I can confide

Now I'm feeling numb
My time has come

I'll down these pills
Then I'll down this rum

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