It's Over

by Ouni

I cannot take away, from your face, my eyes
And cannot help but think about tomorrow
It already seems to me that a bad storm is coming
And it will wash away our laughter with my grief
My heart is torn apart, it is difficult to understand
That all the worlds you say all mean “goodbye”
I watch without seeing, I listen without hearing
The grief striking me standing, silently
I dream of the past when the present takes you away
Shaking your hand is the only thing I can do now
I want to keep it, but our passion is dead
Two steps from my heart, you are already so far

It’s over.

How can it be that such a great love,
Which gave us such joy, can disappear?
Erasing from your life even the smallest trace
Of all those memories that our love had made
I don’ know what to do, nor what to say
And for the last time I want to seem strong
Tears in corners of my eyes, force myself to smile
With a strained smile, that does not deceive you
Too cowardly to die, although afraid of living
I count on oblivion to find rest again
And in the years that come, I shall get used to
Days without your voice, and nights without your skin

It’s over

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