It's So Real

by Jade Grauerholz
(River City, Iowa)

When we are naked and in my bed
I realize something's wrong
Yep it's you but how is tonight
different than last night?
I go get a drink then come right back
Maybe I'm just thirsty.
You ask what's so wrong, I say I don't know.
I go to the bathroom and take
a pregnancy test...just to make sure
Uh oh, not now, it cant be true.
I'm only 15
My parents will kill me
I know that for sure,
but what about Lance? How will he react?
I tell him and show him
the plus on the stick.
He doesn't say a word,
only puts on his pants and
walks out the door
It's then I wake up from
a dream
and realize it's so real

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